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Blitz.JS and how to make one to many relationship
January 04, 2022

Been playing around with blitz.js and I love it!

Blitz seems to be the one thing every web dev wants, a tool which handles all the fluff around development. You need a database and a connection to it, CRUD operations and some basic pages? Well blitz to the rescue!.

What I love about blitz is how fast I can be productive and work on things that matter, woud you believe me if I told you I made a Login / Logount / Signup functionality, basic design, and pages for 3 DB models in less then a day?

Well thanks to blitz everyone can do it. The tecnology that is behind is prisma and it is maybe one of the best ORMs I’ve ever seen (at least for the JS community).

You run blitz generate all <model name> [props] and you got yourself a Database table.

Also a prisma.schema file is generated which is a human readable DB file. (reference)

The biggest issue I had is creating a 1 to many relationship with Prisma. The issue was that in your app when the getProject lets say is generated (in my case I used a project model) you need to add a include: {} prop. For example:

const project = await db.project.findFirst({ where: { id }, include: { people: true } })

In this case people is the model which will be in the project as the “many” in this relationship. So one Project has many people working on it.

More info about relationships can be found here: API Reference