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Technologies I'm learning in 2022

Posted on:January 9, 2022 at 08:35 PM

I wanted to make a “new years” resolution on the things I would like to learn and use the next year.

I will however start with a list of things I did in 2021.

For example, in 2021 I worked mostly with:

I really like the tech stack I had to work with in 2021. Mostly JS based as I’m working as a Frontend dev in my day job, but I also did a lot of IOT side projects(some of them can be found on this blog) with JohnnyFive.js.

At the end of the year I discovered Blitz.JS and I love it. I started a small side project with Blitz.js and I can’t believe I’ve worked on projects without it, makes development so much nicer, with a lot of things out of the box. For example, you have already hooks for login / sign up, database ORM setup with Prism.js.. so nice.

What I also did a lot this holiday season is working with my personal Home Server and Docker, where I setup a lot of apps using Docker and configured it to have a nice media center at home.

Technologies I want to learn in 2022:

I really want to dive in more Deeply into Devops this year. I did a lot of those things in the past with past jobs, but the ecosystem has changed a lot since then. Kubernetes and Terraform are now the go-to technologies for Devops. Also, a good language I to learn would be Rust, however with Rust I just miss the use case as to when to use it.

Tailwind is something I started to use on some side projects and I really love it. You just write down your css classes, and you build your layouts and designs however you want. Preferre it much more to alternatives like bootstrap.

One thing I have used a little is GraphQL and I would really love to use this a bit more in my work and also privately.

So this is a small list of things I would love to learn / use this year… Probably will not get into everything on the list here, but I would love to re visit this at the end of the year and see what of those I can cross out.