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Posted on:March 28, 2021 at 07:53 PM

This blogpost is just a small reminder that I should learn more about HTTP2 and even HTTP3 (which Until a few days I did not know was a thing).

The HTTP2 is used in about 50% of websites, source for this can be found here.

More information about HTTP2 can be gound on the official google developers blog link and also a super nice E-book I got recommended by Daniel Stenberg himself on a stream link to ebook.

Also from the same Author we can find the http3 ebook. Luckily I’m on vacation and this seems like a nice thing to learn during the vacation off time.

Something I wanna try in these blogposts is share more things I’ve been doing during the week, for example, who follows me on twitter knows I’ve got myself a Squire Telecaster guitar and I Really enjoy playing it. I’m getting a Audio interface for it so I can do some nice effects while playing it thru my PC. I’m thinking of using Ableton software for some Effects and Looping, will probably update when I do that since I can’t find good resources on this.

While on the topic of Music, I’ve been listening to Trivium this past week, a lot, and some Meshuggah. Really start to like the heavier stuff which I didn’t like in the past for some reason.